L2 Research Reports

L2 research reports analyze and benchmark the digital performance of prestige brands against their peers, providing insights and expertise aimed at improving brands digital competency. There are two types of L2 reports: the Digital IQ Index, (sector specific and ranks brands); and L2 Intelligence Reports, (cross-sector and highlighting a single digital trend). Reports include an introduction, methodology, ranking, key findings, and Flashes of Genius (case studies of industry leaders). L2 reports are a unique combination of research, data, and design. Each report is approachable and easy to consume, the visualizations appropriate and clear while maintaining a bold and distinct look. I art directed and designed the reports alongside Nary Han and Radhika Patel.

The basic framework of a research report is presented below.
The Key Findings present the analysis and breakdown of the Methodology.
Case studies are presented in the “Flashes of Genius.”
“Spotlight” pages are used to highlight data on a topic.